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Days after sacking a tenth of Salesforce’s staff, CEO Marc Benioff is continuing his apparent crusade against remote workers and what he believes to be their reduced efficacy during the pandemic.

According to a Monday report by Business Insider, the San Francisco tech CEO recently doubled down on remarks he made in a companywide Slack message last month: New, primarily remote workers need to pick up the slack.

In December, just weeks after the announcement of the departures of co-CEO Bret Taylor and Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield in a mass executive exit, Benioff wondered on Slack if employees hired during the COVID-19 pandemic were working hard enough.

“How do we increase the productivity of our employees at salesforce? New employees (hired during the pandemic in 2021 & 2022) are especially facing much lower productivity.” Benioff said. “Is this a reflection of our office policy?” 

It appears that his concerns about worker productivity remain top of mind, even as workers are more concerned about their job stability and morale.

According to Business Insider, Benioff doubled down on his December Slack messages during an all-staff call Thursday — just days after the mass layoffs were announced.

“We don’t have the same level of performance and productivity that we had in 2020 before the pandemic. We do not,” he said, according to Insider. “When we look at some percentage of the employees, especially some of the folks that are new employees, are just not as productive.”

To address concerns from staff that his message is anecdotal, he said during the call that nearly all of Salesforce’s “annual contract value was being delivered by 50 percent of sales account executives.”

“Are we not managing our remote employees well enough?” he said during the call. “Do we need new skills? Because that’s never happened before in the history of the company.”

And again, he emphasized his anti-remote work sentiment — and suggested that younger workers are less productive, too.

It seems like Salesforce’s big boss wants to go back to business, just two days after he said that employees should offer love and compassion to laid-off workers. 

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